Monday, June 17, 2019

Is this heaven? (You know the rest)


No brilliantly witty post this week.

My creative muse got whacked over the head by a wind turbine last week. (Figuratively, people!)

Seriously, my muse got run roughshod over by serious news crap (entirely different muse and she does not find wind turbines amusing.). Then my dog trainer's muse marched in and said, "Enough of this madness, we're going to the dog show." And we did because you do NOT argue with her.

So this week, I'm just going to post some of the landscape photos I've taken. They make me happy.

Autumn thunderstorm, Iowa Township, Iowa County, Iowa

Lookin' out my door (with apologies to CCR)

Lily Lake, Amana, Iowa

August morning, Iowa Township, Iowa County, Iowa

Lookin' out my front door, October 2018

More Iowa Township. Seriously. Just cuz I can.

Amana Society Farms near West Amana, Iowa, autumn 2018

Winter 2019. Guess where?

I think Grant Wood was here.

Early snow, autumn 2018, southern Iowa County

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