Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Keeping Homestead weird

Gryffindor the cat is obsessed with Banner. He was previously obsessed with Phoenix. I don't know if it took him this long to figure out Phoenix is gone (seriously, he's not the brightest thing) but in the last month, Banner has become the object of his affection. 

Talk about no concept of personal space. I think Banner's tolerance is due more to his refusal to move from his spot atop the patio table than any genuine affection but he puts up with Gryffin's antics with good grace and lets him nibble, lick, knead and snuggle, usually without bothering to actually acknowledge him.

dinna move. i steps over.
Srsly? Havin’ me a napper.
i comes to say hi. hi.

i lurves you.
You weird. If I ignores, you go ‘way?

lurves you this muches.
Dude! Why you all up in my whiskers?
gives nibble. you likes. yes. likes much.

Pft! Gittin’ cat fuzzes in my snooter. Stop!
won’t. luuuurves you. 

Git off my face, you furry freak show!
i gives kitty nibbles. you likes.
Can I bite? Mom says no bite. Doin’ me a frustrate.

i has dog! my dog! snuggle the fluffs.
Bro, stop it. There's no excuse for you.

we makes fine looks. paparazzis love us.
I looks fine. You looks mental.

i not going away. 

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  1. I love the commentary, our earlier cats loved sleeping on our German Shepherds. The Shepherds just laid there going okay, stop the kneading and lie down.