Wednesday, April 14, 2021

The return of the prodigal Gypsy

Several people (you know who you are and this is all your fault) asked me recently where the Gypsy had disappeared to. Honestly, the last time I saw her, she’d packed her dog and her laptop and took off in search of a happy place where she could train and write and escape from the cluster f*ck known as 2020.

My sweet little get away house-on-wheels.
The fact the guy driving looks remotely like Lucas Till is purely coincidental.

Be careful what you wish for—I’m back. A little older and grumpier and not a whole lot wiser but happy to be moving forward toward a brighter year.


Here, in no particular order, are some observations from the last year:


I’ve lived through (or am in the process of living through, with plans to successfully complete this detour) a global pandemic. The joker who said "May you live in interesting times" sure had a twisted sense of humor.

On the bright side, every introvert in the world had been practicing for this their whole life.


I’ve lived through two derechos. Can’t say I liked the second one (Aug. 10, 2020) any better than the first one (June 29, 1998).

This isn't my photo. But this is what eastern Iowa looked like the evening of Aug. 10. 


On a lighter note (well, sort of) I learned when I left the lid off the bird seed bin because “Banner would never eat that,” he will, indeed, eat that and he will eat it with the enthusiasm of a starving draft horse. Judging from what happened an hour later, he must have eaten about six cups of the stuff. Who eats six cups of bird seed if you’re not a bird? That dog ain’t right in the head.


I learned if you have four cats eating happily out of one pan and add one new cat now you have five cats eating out of three pans because suddenly two cats are thugs, two cats are terrified, peace-loving Quakers and one cat just wonders WTF is going on. 


My husband is not amused at this when I leave for a dog show and ask him to feed the cats. Don’t blame him. It’s like walking into a den of disgruntled yowling, hissing miniature lions when I go out to feed in the morning.


In happier news, I discovered a dandy recipe for a single serving chocolate cake you mix in a cereal bowl and cook for 90 seconds in the microwave.

This conveys the absolute decadence of having a cake in a bowl and not sharing.
Well. You could share. But you don't have to.

I learned this cake is excellent for breakfast—although cake is excellent for breakfast in general, so that’s not a monumental discovery.

I learned Banner will paw through a bag filled with a laptop, wallet, water bottle, jacket and other odds and ends to find a banana. He will then eat the banana. All. Of. The. Banana. Including the peel. 

He ate the whole enchilada. Or banana. Whatever.
If there had been an enchilada in the bag, he would have eaten that, too.


Until next time, hope 2021 brings you wonderful discoveries.

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  1. Oh! I'm so glad to hear from you and know that you and Banner are (more or less) okay. I've missed you!